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Sunday, January 1, 2012

An update to celebrate the new year. . . .

Greetings! We we begin the new year, I wanted to update my debt repayment status. I've made a dent in my student loan debt, though it has come at the cost of my mortgage debt, unfortunately.

Even so, I'm happy with the progress I've made and am excited to watch my student loan debt decrease even more quickly in 2012. I can't imagine the relief that I will feel when this burden is removed from my life forever!

See my last post for my 2012 goals, while you're here!

Here's where my debt stands now, at the end of 2011:

Second Mortgage Debt: $31,400::::$25,763

Student Loan Debt: $61,762::::$49,438

Primary Mortgage Debt: $167,500::::$156,344

And here's where I was in mid-October:

Second Mortgage Debt: $31,400::::$25,888

Student Loan Debt: $61,762::::$51,881

Primary Mortgage Debt: $167,500::::$156,757

Clearly, my first and second mortgages are primarily interest payments, which is truly painful to see. I am hopeful that when my student loan debt is repaid, I can throw some extra money at these bills to ensure that they decrease more quickly than they have over the last year.

I hope to update more frequently this year, though can't make any promises given my hectic work schedule. Have a wonderful start to 2012!!


marci357 said...

I reposted on the prior blog.... :)

Wishing you the best on your goals for this Happy New Year!

Helen said...

I see in the last couple of years you are doing a lot less blogging since you are working so many part time jobs. I find your posts really interesting and practical, and hope you will keep up-dating where you are at. It helps to motivate me to look at more ways to cut costs, spend more wisely and most importantly get out from under $15,000 of credit card debt.

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