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Monday, February 2, 2009

A Thrifty Chicks thrift-ya-away. . .!

The Thrifty Chicks, a blog I visit regularly (especially now that I'm committed to buying used this year), is offering an entire week of opportunities to win surprisingly hip thrift-store items, simply by leaving a comment on the website.

Hmmmm? What's that I hear you saying? "Yuck. Why would I want some old moldy thing that nobody else wants anyway, and that probably sat around in a dusty bin for ages"? Well, judging by Monday's giveaway (or should I say 'thrift-ya-away'), Ms. Shopping Golightly and her thriftstore partners find some pretty amazing stuff.

Case in point: this lovely pillow (very likely new), which Ms. Golightly found for a mere $2.99 at her local Goodwill:

Now, I ask you: wouldn't you leave a comment on The Thrifty Chicks website to have a chance at that beautiful pillow? I surely would (and probably will)! Here are the rules, per Ms. Golightly herself:

"To win this pillow, leave a comment to this posting pledging that you will visit one thrift store within the next seven days. Each comment equals a pledge to shop at one store. So, two comments equals visiting two stores. I trust you to be honest for this does after all benefit charity.

My daughter, Little Pie, will draw a number from a basket, if it matches your post number, you win!Don't forget to leave your email address. The deadline for pledges to thrift is Monday, February 9th. If you are living outside the United States, Ms. Golightly will humbly need to negotiate a shipping fee. She is, after all, quite thrifty and is sponsoring this thrift-ya-away on her on savings.

New items will be posted each day through Friday, the February 6th!"
Now, go forth and comment!

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