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Monday, March 2, 2009

Frugal Focus community portal launch!

I'm pleased to announce the 'birth' of Frugal Focus, a new community portal site that combines content from yours truly as well as seven other frugal bloggers.


With the explosion of blogging---especially on the topic of frugal living, paying off debt, and living within one's means---it can be difficult and time-consuming to surf the web looking for just the right information or advice you need. I know that I can spend literally hours a day jumping from one site to the next following this link and that, all in the name of learning more about frugality.

Frugal Focus is a site that promises to compile the most recent, relevant blog posts in one spot, making it easier to find what you're looking for. If you don't feel comfortable subscribing to several different blogs, you may want to consider bookmarking this new site (or you can click on the link in the frame to the right of this post) for one-stop shopping, so to speak.

My fellow bloggers in this Frugal Focus endeavor are:

Bargain Babe

Bargain Briana

Frugal Green Girl

Frugal Plus

Not Made of Money

The Frugal Duchess

The Frugal Girl

I hope you'll find the time to visit Frugal Focus, as well as the partner sites that are also included on the site. I've already got it bookmarked so I can check back each day and see what's going on in the frugal blogosphere without having to visit a thousand random sites. . . .

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