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Friday, July 4, 2008

A Frugal Fourth. . . . .

I'm in California, celebrating the Fourth of July with family. While I did spend a bit to come down here, it was less than my budgeted $200 ($192, to be exact) for my airline ticket. Since I'm staying with family, my housing costs are nothing, and the activities we've planned are no-cost or low-cost. All in all, a very frugal holiday!

If you haven't yet planned your Fourth of July festivities, here are some tips to keeping the costs low this year:

  • Have a barbeque! Ask invitees to bring something for the grill, something to drink, or a dessert or side dish. You can create a fun event without having to take on the entire cost yourselves.

  • Keep it simple. Create foods from scratch, when possible (home made potato salad, for example) and when that isn't possible, buy your hot dogs and buns on sale or in the store brand rather than paying for the pricier name brands.

  • Borrow what you need. Need a BBQ? Frisbees? A croquet set? Why not try asking neighbors or friends and family if they have what you need? This could save some money (and some trips to Target) and you won't end up purchasing things that you'll use only a few times a year.

  • Watch fireworks for free. In Oregon, there are tents set up everywhere selling fireworks. I'm sure many people spend hundreds of dollars on this stuff (judging by the fact that I begin hearing bangs and explosions at least a week before the 4th, and at least a few days after as well). Why buy your fireworks, when there are professional shows in almost every county in the country?

I wish all of you a safe, happy Fourth of July!


marci357 said...

Enjoy your Holiday and especially the time with family.

I've learned not to count/worry about the cost of trips to see family. The time with family is way more precious than the money!
So, be guilt free about it!

And Enjoy!!!

Trevor said...

Amen to your last post! My wife and I ended up MOOCHING all day long! Food was free... fireworks were free... parade was free... ! ! ! :)

Nice blog!

PS - I'm from Roseburg! Hooray for Oregon!

Ryan @ Smarter Wealth said...

I am a new reader to your blog. I subscribed to your RSS feed and I look forward to your future posts (I will probably be diving through the archives in the next few days).
You have a pretty cool blog. You should check out mine...its on the wealth tips of a struggling entrepreneur

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