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Monday, April 20, 2009

Bulking up. . . .

I continue to be amazed by the savings one can find by shopping in the bulk foods aisle. On a recent trip to Winco, I made a note of the items I was purchasing in the bulk section, and then checked their prices in the 'packaged' food aisles.

Here are some of the examples:

Orzo pasta

  • Bulk: .85 cents a pound
  • Packaged: $1.37 a pound
Brown sugar
  • Bulk: .60 cents a pound
  • Packaged: .71 cents a pound
Basmati rice
  • Bulk: $1.79 a pound
  • Packaged: $2.10 a pound
White rice
  • Bulk: .74 cents a pound
  • Packaged: .99 cents a pound (and this price was based on a giant, 20 pound bag of rice!)
Rotini pasta
  • Bulk: .84 cents a pound
  • Packaged: $1.19 a pound
As you can see, doing the legwork and cruising the bulk food aisle is worth the extra time it takes. Knowing these differences allows me to see where my greatest savings lie. So if I have a coupon for $1.00 off a certain type of pasta, I can work out the after-coupon price to see if it's better than the bulk price (it usually isn't!)


searcher said...

Sounds like you can save quite a bit buying in bulk. I wish I had a store with bulk foods! My little town only has a small Kroger.

Andrea said...

Thank you for your helpful tips. Blessings, andrea

Tessie said...

Wow! that is so weird - I just found out about the wonders of Winco this weekend from my SIL. She lives in Central Cali. I'm jealous - no Winco's out here in Texas. Really, bulk is win-win-win, less expense for the retailer, consumer, and great for the environment. I hope that this is the wave of the future. P.S. Love your blog

Finally Frugal said...

Winco is amaaaaaazing. I'm not sure how they get their prices so low. Their PACKAGED food prices are lower than bulk prices in another nearby store, Fred Meyer. So the savings is significant.

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