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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Internet coupons. . .

I generally find the best coupons online---those that I can simply print from my computer, without having to purchase the Sunday newspaper or stalk the local library (you would not believe the number of women who stand with their noses pressed to the door so they can be the first to snag the Sunday coupons when the library opens at noon). Internet coupons allow me to pick and choose what I need, and they seem to be rather 'high value' when compared to the Sunday inserts. . . (this could just be my imagination).

Unfortunately, my favorite low-price grocery store (Winco) didn't take internet printed coupons ("IP" coupons)----until a few weeks ago, that is!!!

The excitement that this engendered in my still somewhat virginal coupon brain was almost more than I could bear. I immediately called my favorite local Winco to inquire about the veracity of this rumor. The woman I spoke to said, in no uncertain terms, that they do not take internet coupons "of any kind" (whatever that means).

Undeterred, I called my second-favorite Winco store, located about twenty blocks from the first. The woman at THAT store confirmed that, yes, they do now take IP coupons! So I called the first store back and indicated that I had called store #2 (confused, yet?) and that they do, in fact accept IP coupons. I was then tranferred to the manager, who confirmed yet again that "NO", they do NOT accept IP coupons. Sigh.

In any case, I ended up going to store #2 to purchase my groceries---and even the cashier had to check around to see if she could take my coupons! I promised the store manager of store #1 that I would be calling regularly to find out when their policy would align with that of Winco corporate policy. She was extremely doubtful that I could be correct.

Anyhoo! As one example, I was able to use a CoffeeMate coupon, printed from the website ($1.50 off when you buy two) to snag two 32 ouncers for less than $1.50 each! Fred Meyer sells this stuff--on sale--for $2.50, but it's usually closer to $2.89. The regular, pre-coupon price at Winco is only $2.18. So, I scored. And next time I'll use two $1.00 coupons, and get my CoffeeMate for $1.18 each! Assuming Winco doesn't raise all its prices in response to the IP coupon rush, that is.

Where do I find my favorite coupons? Aside from reading Hip2Save and MoneySavingMom religiously, I also visit:

Hot Coupon World

While I'm still a little green in the world of couponing, the new policy at Winco (well, at ONE of their stores, anyway) will allow me to purchase items that I use regularly not just at the very low Winco prices, but at even less than that, with the use of IP coupons!


Andrea said...

Awesome tips...I am thankful I found your blog. Blessings and prayers, andrea

Sandy said...

You need to hop on over to my blog! I post weekly grocery coupons on Fridays. :) Welcome to the fold.

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