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Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Spanish word for frugal is. . . "frugal".

In preparation for my trip to Mexico (where I am right now), I checked out my favorite sites to see what kind of travel advice they could give to a certain frugal individual (me).

First, I visited WiseBread , and found these gems:

Frugal Travel: Tips for Packing Light

Keeping the Budget in Budget Travel

Eating Cheap While Abroad

Then, on to Get Rich Slowly

Ten Money Savings Vacation and Travel Tips

At Saving Advice :

How I Take Frequent Vacations on a Limited Budget

Plonkee Money had this advice:

Going Somewhere Nice? Packing Light Rules

Almost all of these sites mention packing light, which is something I did NOT do. Actually, having a completely full suitcase means that my Mexican purchases will need to be teeny tiny (and cheap) or they won't be coming home with me at all.

Back in the swing of things on Sunday, guys, and maybe I can even upload some pictures.

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Anonymous said...

It is always important to be frugal with your money and resources you could seriously hurt your credit. Or worse not have anywhere to live or a job. Almost everything is dependent on if you have great or horrible credit. Even decision on weather you'll have a job or not. Remember its easy to build your credit just get a credit card, only make small payment on it and pay it off. Remember all cards can hurt you if your not careful even store cards .

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