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Friday, May 2, 2008

Finally Frugal May goals. . . .

In a continuing effort to keep myself honest and work on current and new goals, I'm putting it out there for May in black and white. Granted, these goals are neither earth-shattering or unique; in fact, they're probably similar to goals you all make for yourselves!

  • Increase emergency fund in preparation for possible strike
  • Send more than the minimum to American Express
  • Keep grocery bill to less than $85 for the month (this might be difficult, as I've already spent over $50 refilling the cupboards. . . )
  • Use no more than half of tax rebate to purchase used bike, to ride to transit center in good weather, thus saving on gas
  • Finally (!!!) close Verizon wireless account, thereby saving $23.50 each month


  • Continue to research and write posts that interest and inspire myself and others
  • Submit articles to at least five carnivals this month
  • Increase monthly readership---I'd like to double this in May, which means I'll need over 2,000 visits this month---will you help? If you like this blog, use the link below to email the URL to a friend or family member!


  • Remember to be grateful for what I already have.

    Chase after money and security,
    And your heart will never unclench.
    Care about people's approval,
    and you will be their prisoner.
    Do your work, and then step back.
    The only path to serenity.
    Lao Tzu


Keri said...

I'll be glad to help towards that 2,000 visits... I really like your blog and the information you give. Keep up the awesome work!

Ralph said...

You've got a new reader here! Keep up the good work!

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