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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Finally Frugal's Weekly Roundup . . .

It's been a great week! I've had some really interesting and encouraging comments from readers (keep 'em coming, folks, I love hearing from you), the sun is finally starting to peek through the rain and clouds here in Portland, and there have been some amazing posts out there in the blogosphere. Some of them were at:

Get Rich Slowly, who posted about Kris at the Cheap Healthy Good site, and her 60 minute plan to save money on food.

Mrs. Micah blogged about getting out of debt and the problem of world hunger. The message? Even one person can make a difference!

Pinyo over at Moolanomy, explains why he's glad the economic stimulus checks are coming a week early. I will admit that I check my ING account about every two hours, even though I'm not scheduled to receive my rebate until next week.

My Two Dollars tells us how to clean the entire house the natural way, for mere pennies. Note to self: buy vinegar.

I've Paid For This Twice Already told us about her wise financial decisions in college. Ahhh, if only I'd been wise enough to ignore my credit cards and turn down the student loan offers. . . If you're in college (or soon to be in college) please read this!!

Frugal Dad discussed the question of whether one should stop contributing to a retirement account if one is still repaying debt. This is a decision I recently had to make (I lowered my contribution to 1% of my gross salary), so it was interesting to hear someone else's take on it.

And last but not least, Be Thrifty Like Us has an awesome post about home energy wasters (did you know, for example, that your cable box---if you have one---costs $27 a year to run?)

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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