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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dumb stuff I haven't spent money on. . . .

In researching (ahem) interesting personal finance items to include in this blog (I can't spill my guts every day, you know) I came across a hilarious site called: SkyMall Madness. This website supposedly compiles the lamest, most useless items that can be found in the SkyMall magazine, that thing you read on the airplane when your i-pod battery is dead and the movie sucks. Now, I went to the SkyMall website and didn't find some of the items shown on SkyMall Madness, so I can't vouch for the accuracy of this site----sure is funny, though!

Here are some of my favorites:

The Giant Lighter: $29.99

Actual text purported to be from the SkyMall catalog: Imagine the looks on your friends' faces as you casually pull out your Giant Lighter to light their cigarette. I have one sitting on the coffee table and it never fails to illicit a response (note from Finally Frugal: I'm pretty sure SkyMag editors would have spelled the word 'elicit' correctly). People simply have to know where they can get one.

The Slumber Sleeve: $19.95

Actual text purported to be from the SkyMall catalog: The SlumberSleeve sleeve pillow is a first of its kind comfort device designed to prevent that numbness or achy feeling and enhance circulation. Since our sleeve pillow is worn over your arm, wrist, leg or ankle, it moves with you and you can change sleep positions naturally - and sleep like a kid again.

And of course:

The Day of the Week Clock: $39.98

Actual text purported to be from the SkyMall catalog: Do you have little trouble keeping track of the hour and even the date, but the day of the week eludes you? The DayClock is uniquely designed to help you keep track of weekly events like your golf day, card night, movie night, and so much more. Not only a great conversation piece, it's a fun gift.

Ah, so many ways to waste my money!

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Anonymous said...

Terrific post-
Last August, before the school year started - my sister, niece, and I all went to the Mall of America in Minnesota. On one of the many levels of this gigantic mall was and OXYGEN BAR - where you spent way too much money - FOR OXYGEN!!! This totally cracked me up - what will they think of next???

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