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Friday, February 29, 2008

FrugalMomLA needs your assistance!

As I start to pack for my trip to Mexico, I wanted to quickly post a request for your assistance (don't worry, it's easy)!

FrugalMomLA is working on a project to explore the differences in grocery and gas prices across the U.S. (and Canada, if there are any blogging neighbors to the north reading this).

Basically, she is asking for the following information:

Blog name and/or url (if you don't have a blog, just leave this blank):
Gallon of milk:
Loaf of sandwich bread:
Pound of apples:
Gallon of gas:

The results should be on FrugalMomLA's website within a couple of weeks. You can send your responses (or any other comments) to my email address: finally_frugal@yahoo.com or just leave a comment here and I'll forward them on to her. . . .

Thanks for your help!

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