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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I just saved $14.99 on my wireless plan. . . .!

My Verizon contract is (finally) up for renewal in May---a mere two months from now! I've been paying $34.99 for 300 Anytime minutes, of which I use on average 30 minutes a month (I'm not a huge cellphone talker, as you can see). I've been planning to downgrade to a Pay-As-You-Go plan (probably Virgin Mobile), which should save me $20 a month.

Just for fun, I called Verizon today to see if they have any lower-priced plans that will work better with my needs. Turns out, they have a 50 Anytime minute plan (not advertised on their website, of course) which will cost $20/month---a savings of $14.99 per month! And the beauty of it is, I don't have to sign on for another two year contract! I simply save money for the next two months, as I research phones and plans---or, I could choose to stay with Verizon if number portability isn't going to be an option with a new provider.

Now, WHY didn't I call and ask about this months (years!) ago???? Why did I wait? This is just a reminder to me that a contract is never written in stone, and especially when the contract is almost expired, it seems there is almost infinite flexibility!

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